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The Affordable Care Act is the law that is also known as health care reform. The law passed in 2010 and ensures that quality health care coverage will be available to millions of Americans, many of whom were not previously able to afford health care insurance. affordable care act Vancouver WA

Some of the provisions of the law are:

  • There is now no lifetime limit on how much insurance will pay
  • No annual limit on how much insurance will pay
  • Parents can keep their children on their insurance until the age of 26.
  • A person cannot be denied coverage if they have a pre-existing condition
  • A person cannot be dropped from their insurance if they get sick

Subsidized Insurance
If your income is four times the poverty level for the number of people in your family, you should qualify for subsidized health insurance. If you qualify for subsidized insurance, you will get a tax credit that goes to the insurance plan to help pay for your insurance.

Standardized Benefits
Under the new law all health insurance policies must cover the following basic benefits:

  • Hospitalization
  • Emergency services
  • Ambulatory services which include doctor visits when sick or injured and outpatient clinic visits
  • Prescription drugs
  • Laboratory services
  • Maternity and newborn care
  • Pediatric services
  • Preventative and wellness services
  • Mental health and behavioral health
  • Rehabilitative services and devices such as physical therapy, speech therapy and medical equipment
  • Habilitative services to help disabled people learn life skills

Another provision of the law is that almost everyone is now required to have health insurance. If you are in need of health insurance or need help finding Medicare resources, we are here to help make your choices clear and assist you in getting the coverage you need.

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