Stacey L. Johnson



Stacey Johnson is the founder and President of the Your Insurance Gal Agency. 

Stacey has been an insurance agent for 18 years and is licensed in all lines of the insurance business and holds health insurance licenses in the states of Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Montana, Massachusetts, and Texas. An extension of her love for her community and the elderly, Stacey has made Medicare Supplements, Health Insurance and Life Insurance her primary areas of specialization. Her work with the elderly spans over 25 years, and she has worked with seniors in the areas of care giving, business administration at the Quarry Senior Living, care management, and at the Clark College Mature Learning program.

Timothy Jones

Timothy is a “local guy” having grown up in the Pacific Northwest.

He is licensed in Life, Health, Auto & Homeowners. As such Timothy can help his clients with all insurance needs. His previous certifications include Medical Assisting and Real Estate Agent. He also serves as a Reserve Police officer. With such a large scope of training in different areas he relates to many different clientele from diverse backgrounds. A conversation with Timothy is never dull. Timothy is a family man with a devotion to God, his beautiful wife, and four children. A musician by nature, Timothy spends his time on Sundays playing lead guitar at his Church.

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Rachel Boisselle

Medicare and Health Insurance Specialist / Communications Director

Rachel is an Oklahoma native who moved to Vancouver in the fall of 2018. She holds a Bachelor of Science in English Education, and loves getting to use her teaching skills in a nontraditional setting. Rachel always had a feeling she was meant to educate outside of a conventional classroom, and now gets to use her passion for education to empower folks through teaching them how to navigate the world of health insurance.

Rachel’s favorite part of the job is getting to build relationships with clients. An empath at heart, she genuinely cares about every client’s well-being and strives to bring peace and healing to every part of their lives. In the confusing and often tumultuous world of insurance, it’s important to Rachel that clients know they have a reliable, compassionate resource to reach out to. Rachel takes personal pride in getting to be a guide and advocate for her clients.

Rachel lives in Vancouver with her husband and her cats Scout and Harper, who often come to the office with her. Rachel also enjoys art, theatre, and music, and has been performing for most of her life. She’s also an avid fan of Bob Ross and taught herself to paint using his videos. She loves painting so much she has a hobby business called New Nostalgia Craftworks.

Christy Tipton

Christy has been an insurance agent for over 6 years and is licensed in all lines of business for health and life insurance. She currently holds an insurance license in Washington, Oregon, and Arizona. Christy has spent the last 28 years helping and educating clients and customers in making informed decisions about products. She was born and raised in Washougal and enjoys giving back to her community by providing simplified health insurance expertise to those that need it.

Christy is nationally certified to offer Medicare plans as well as certified and appointed with all major insurance companies in Washington and Oregon. In addition to that, she spent the first 4 years of her insurance career specializing with assisting clients with individual health plans and the complexities that can occur with the Affordable Care Act’s advanced premium tax credits eligibility and enrollment. Whether you live in Washington or Oregon, she’s knowledgeable in both the Washington Health Plan Finder as well as the Federal Healthcare Marketplace Exchange for Oregon residents.

In her personal life, Christy enjoys thrift store and yard sale shopping, trips to the beach where her family has a vacation home, and spending time with her quirky dog Jasper and her family and close friends. She’s a huge fan of music and knows the lyrics by heart for most songs from the 70’s-90’s, can quote most 80’s comedies word for word, and loves attending Comedy shows. Christy doesn’t have any kids of her own, but has 3 nieces and 2 nephews that she spoils rotten and then promptly sends back to their parents.

Ryan Lingle



After a 10-year career in a Manufacturing Managerial role, Ryan got his Insurance license in 2005 and quickly became a top agent. He has primarily been helping folks with their Medicare needs but is also licensed in Life Insurance, Annuities, and Long Term Care. He has a passion for helping his clients and enjoys the relationships as much as the career.

Growing up in Southern California put a deep love of the beach into Ryan’s heart, and spending time with family is extremely important to him. He now lives in Oregon with the love of his life, Angela, and most of his family lives in the Seattle area. In his downtime, he enjoys woodworking, fishing, and going to yard sales

Shawn Stanley

Shawn Stanley is an insurance specialist with a focus in Life Insurance and Medicare. Originally from the Lake Tahoe area, Shawn Stanley has been serving the Vancouver and Portland metro areas since 2013.

Shawn possesses a natural curiosity for and excitement towards life, and he loves incorporating his passion for service into his work as an agent. Shawn’s goal as an agent is to help his clients get the absolute most that they can out of life, and he finds unique joy in helping folks access exceptional healthcare. He’s passionate using life insurance as a vessel to help clients prepare for the future and gain peace of mind about their finances.

Shawn genuinely cares about his clients, and loves getting to be the person folks look to for help. Getting to know people and establish lasting relationships with clients is his favorite part of the job, and he’s rarely one to forget a face!

In his spare time Shawn loves spending time with his daughter, playing guitar, and fishing. He also loves cooking and experimenting with new recipes, and he considers himself “a barbeque master”.

Fanda Lynch

I have been in USA for 9 years. I have found that insurance is a very important part of American life. I received my licenses for Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Auto Insurance & Homeowners Insurance in 2019. I can speak both English and Mandarin. I would like to help those people who have insurance needs. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, riding bikes, and reading.

Jeff Shermer

Jeff Shermer is a former social worker who is passionate about helping people find their perfect Health and Life Insurance fit.

Jeff’s passion for insurance comes from a place of personal investment, and he attributes his zeal for healthcare to losing his father to cancer when he was a teenager. His father didn’t have life insurance, and Jeff experienced first-hand the heavy financial toll his death took on the family. In an act of resilience and defiant joy, Jeff uses his experience to help individuals and families make plans for financial security.

Jeff brings ten years of social work to his vocation and has worked with individuals from all walks of life. Jeff considers his “superpower” to be loving people, and ensuring that his clients feel respected, safe, and cared for is his first priority.

Jeff lives in Vancouver with his wife and two children. In his spare time, Jeff loves camping with his family, exploring different places and cultures, and musical theatre. He and his daughter are kindred spirits in their love for singing.

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Nadia Hunedy

Medicare Supplements, Prescription Drug Plans,
Health, Vision, Dental, Life Insurance, Disability,
LTC, Mortgage Protection, Final Expense, & Annuities

Nadia has always felt a strong calling towards education, but she never could have anticipated finding her life’s work in the insurance industry. From the start of her career as a professional baker in Massachusetts to working as an insurance broker in Vancouver, Washington Nadia consistently brings creativity, diligence and a zest for life to every project. Nadia’s favorite part of the job is getting to know clients on a personal level and helping every person find insurance policies that fit their unique needs. She recognizes that choosing medical, life, disability and Medicare coverage can be a daunting process and considers it a privilege to serve as a guide and advocate for each of her clients.

Kimberly de Herrera

Kimberly and her husband of 31 years have 3 children and five beautiful grandchildren.

Kimberly has been the owner and operator of a candy vending business for the last 14 years. She has also owned and run an espresso drive-thru business. She thoroughly enjoys meeting new people and serving her customers. Kimberly has had the privilege of serving in multiple positions at church and has a passion to help people wherever she is needed. She is a perfect fit in our Your Insurance Gal team!

Mary Smith

Mary is our Office Manager, and she’s the front voice and face of the office!


Amy Dahl

Amy Dahl is a seasoned agent going on her fourth year with Your Insurance Gal Agency.

Amy has a passion for helping clients live healthy lifestyles, and couples her skills as an insurance agent with her twenty-year career as a massage therapist. A Vancouver local, Amy has made serving the Clark County and Portland Metro areas her life’s work.

Amy has a kind, empathetic heart and thinks her biggest strength is the time she takes to get to know each client. She knows how daunting finding quality insurance can be, and loves getting to be a reliable, calming presence for her clients.

Amy lives in Portland with her son and enjoys spending time with her family. In her free time, Amy loves to read and also writes poetry and short stories.

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Sundown Dain

Sundown Dain serves as Your Insurance Gal’s In-House agent and is always ready to strike up a conversation about life and health insurance!

Originally from Crescent Lake, Oregon, Sundown’s small-town charm brings warmth and sincerity to every conversation. His strong work ethic is met only by his desire to help others, and he carries this service mindset into every appointment. Contracted with some of the nation’s most prominent carriers, his loyalty is always to clients rather than companies.

Sundown lives in Vancouver with his wife of 19 years and his three children. Sundown enjoys the outdoors, attending plays with his daughter, and writing his own song parodies. With a vocal range somewhere between a baritone and a very squeaky door, he advises clients to ask for performances at their own risk.

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