The other day I was out for dinner at a small Italian restaurant. In the whole establishment, there was only one other  couple. Since it was so quiet, I could hear every word from this other table. They were celebrating their 56th wedding anniversary, retired, and very invested in home improvement. This couple caught and held my attention so intensely because they were having fun. Just from the conversation they had with the waitress, I knew they came to this restaurant frequently. In fact, it sounded like everything in their lives was characterized by this kind of rigidity. To me, it seemed like a lifestyle that made it difficult to have fun. But, these two were blissful. It got me thinking about the kind of person I want to be in retirement. The thought had never occurred to me how heavily a good quality of life depended on personality, in every stage of life.

I found this article on doing retirement well that I thought was general enough to support diversity. The suggestions are simple and broad. I hope you find it encouraging as well!

10 Tips for Happy Retirement Living