Some of the most rampant ailments afflicting Americans today are anxiety and depression. These are especially problematic in adolescents. One of the most immediate and accessible ways to combat these is to learn to connect with the people around you. Today we have social media, advertising, and a host of other information screaming from smart phones demanding that we connect. The greatest need though is in the face to face human interaction. A large contributor to adolescent depression, and the decline in adults, is the lack of this genuine connection in our everyday lives. There is a human need only being artificially met by social media and text messaging. As we recognize this we can make a conscious effort to chose connection with the people in our immediate circle. Even at work or in the grocery store line we can see the people around us and reach out to them. As insurance agents we strive to connect with our clients in meaningful ways and build more than just business. Think about the need you might be neglecting next time you’re just waiting in everyday life surrounded by others who need this interaction as well.