No one is excited about sifting through the mess of filing their insurance claims. Are your medical records, receipts, online forms and waiting periods piling up quickly?  Knowing where to even begin can be overwhelming. We are here to help! The new methods your insurance provider requires to file a claim is probably a lot easier than you realize. Here is a good jumping off point for you.

  1. Check online! Your carrier has their own website with tons of helpful information. If it isn’t clear where to file a claim try using their search engine. It will either lead you to the online process or direct you to a printable claim form. Instructions on how to process the form should be listed on the top or bottom of the form. (Remember: if you have a personal portal online that is the best place to start)
  2. Know your policy. If you know exactly what should be covered and what your share is you’ll be prepared to get your full reimbursement.
  3. Keep copies of everything involved in your claim. If you talk to a customer service representative, write it down. If you mail in diagnostic forms, make a copy. If you fill out a form online, print a copy.
  4. Don’t feel obligated to take the first answer. If the insurance company doesn’t seem to be offering you what you think they should be don’t be afraid to negotiate. You have access to all your benefits so be sure to use that.
  5. Connect the insurance company to your provider. (For health claims.) It will always be easiest on you if you don’t have to serve as the mediator between the two. If possible, ask your doctor or physician to contact the insurance company with the required information. They will be able to give a complete and expert account the first time.

Should you run into any problems remember that is why you have an insurance agent. We would love to answer any questions you have about your claims.