Right at the front of a new year is a common time for people to focus on self improvement. Every year health makes it in one of the top themes. So what are your health goals this year? Do you want to lose some extra weight? Are you aiming to get more and higher quality sleep?

We also just wrapped up our open enrollment season in which you prepared your health insurance for 2017. Your new plan has lots of resources for you to make 2017 healthier and happier. There are many benefits to simple steps forward, such as getting all your testing and preventive care done. Schedule an appointment with your primary doctor to find out what check ups you are due for. We can help you find out what those will cost you ahead of time.

Medicare clients, your Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement plan probably has a fitness program you could be taking advantage of right now. If you don’t know or you aren’t sure how to start it that is something we would love to help you set up. You could have access to many fun classes and discounted or even free gym memberships.

There are countless specialists to research as well for a new approach to old aches and pains that bother you. Or maybe you just want to improve your overall health by trying a chiropractor or acupuncturist. If you aren’t sure what is included in your plan, ask your broker for a Summary of Benefits.