Today (December 15th) is your last day to apply for a new plan if you need one to start January 1st, 2017. If you are behind, don’t panic! You can still apply for a plan but your effective date will be after the first of the year.

Don’t give up on your new plan, we can still help you choose a great one for 2017. A small lapse in coverage is better than no coverage for a year.

Maybe you already enrolled in a plan for next year but have questions about what your new plan covers. We can help you with that as well! Let us introduce you to your 2017 coverage and help you get to know it. We can show you a summary of the benefits and even help you know which providers to go to.

When it comes to being ready for your 2017 health care we are here to help. There is still time to prepare a new plan for our new year! Let us know how we can help.