How having an agent on your side can make all the difference.

hard pill to swallow your insurance gal

Its a situation we see often: Mr. Client is turning 65 in a month and Mrs. Client, who is already on Medicare, knows the Annual Enrollment Period is starting soon. Between the two of them, theyve received enough sales brochures and plan packets to furnish a small forest. By the time they dial our office number, they are typically feeling in over their heads.

Were often asked why its worth the bother to meet with a broker rather than just calling one of the 1-800 numbers theyve seen on Fox News, CNN, and in major newspapers. A question we like to ask is When you call that number, do you know where its going to ring on the other end?” You may miss out on options because they are only available in certain counties or states, and 800 numbers typically go to centralized call centers in Atlanta GA or New Jersey or even worse out of the country and will not be aware of the local requirements and opportunities. They will fit you with a national answer to a local question.

Savvy shoppers recognize that local brokers have inside knowledge of local networks and prescription drug coverage. They know that their brokers diligently study and contract with many different insurance carriers to ensure theyre presenting their clients with the most competitive plans on the market. They have assurance that doctor recommendations are coming from someone who knows the areas outstanding providers. And in the end, they trust that theyre going to continue being taken care of even after the agents commission has been collected.

At Your Insurance Gal Agency, people are at the heart of our business, and as brokers we make it our business to empower our clients through education and advocacy. Educators at heart, we simply aim to inform folks of their options and help them select what fits their unique lifestyle the best. As brokers, we lose sleep over our clients because were invested in their health and well-being.

We have a personal stake in our clients lives, and for folks like Mr. and Mrs. Client, that difference is what makes short-term clients become lifelong friends.

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