Doughnut hole got you down? Managing your prescriptions can be one of the most frustrating medical costs. Fortunately, Part D also has a lot of potential in rescuing you from the nightmare. That’s why your agent is here to help! There are so many ways to save money on your drug costs.

Your drug coverage should be based on more than just your current prescription list. Think about the deductible and how much you can afford to pay before the plan kicks in verses a monthly premium. Depending on how much you are expecting to pay for prescriptions having a higher monthly payment might be worth to get that deductible down to nothing.

Don’t forget the brand too! So many common prescriptions have generic brands you can use for a fraction of the cost. We have tools that can find out if your medication has a generic counterpart with just the click of a button. By emailing an agent a list of  your prescriptions, he or she could find specialized ways to lower your cost. And we can also show you how to create a digital or physical list of your prescriptions to keep in case of emergency.

Did you know the pharmacy you use effects the cost as well? You may be able to save by switching to mail order. Or maybe even just driving a couple extra miles to a different location would lower your annual cost significantly. Just ask us what the best options would be for you, we can map it out.

On top of all these ideas, we have many more tools to use to direct you to savings. Getting your medication doesn’t have to empty your bank account. We are always here to help and love helping you save money.