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A description of Medicare in Vancouver WA:

Medicare is a medical insurance program that was implemented by the federal government in 1966. Currently, more than 52 million Americans are served by Medicare, most of whom are over the age of 65. Medicare also provides coverage to some people under the age of 65, who qualify because of a disability, or because they have Lou Gehrig’s disease, or permanent kidney failure. Medicare is currently serving 9 million disabled people under the age of 65. Medicare in Vancouver WA

If you are still employed, once you reach the age of 65, you can qualify for Medicare Parts A and B. Just check with your employer to see if your current health care policy works with Medicare.

Medicare Part A provides hospital care, skilled nursing care, hospice, home health services and nursing home care. For most who have been employed, this part is already paid through paycheck deductions when they were a qualified wage earner. Part B covers medically necessary and preventive services, and is paid through monthly premiums once the individual turns 65.

Medicare Part C is more commonly known as Medicare Advantage. It is a plan offered by private insurance companies that can be used as an alternative to Parts A and B. Many of these include prescription drug coverage.

Prescription drug coverage is available in two different ways. Medicare Part D plans, which are also known as Medicare prescription drug plans, are offered by private insurance companies. Or if you get a Medicare Advantage Plan, many of these include prescription drug coverage.

A Medicare Supplement insurance policy, or Medigap plan, is sold by private insurance companies, and helps pay some of the health care costs that are not covered by original Medicare. This includes copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles. In order to get a Medigap policy you must have Medicare Part A and Part B.

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