Working together to improve your health care:

When it comes to coordinating your medical care, you know your doctor works hard to give you the best possible care. But it can be challenging for them to juggle all the patients they see and all the information they have to organize to provide the kind of health care that we as consumers expect. Medicare agents in Vancouver WA

Coordinated care means that patients get the right care and treatment at the right time, and that duplication of services and medical errors are avoided. It means that all service providers will be communicating and working together to give you the care that’s best for you.

Accountable Care Organizations are one way that this is accomplished. If your doctor participates in an ACO and you have Original Medicare, you will be notified about it. In an ACO, health care providers and hospitals voluntarily work together to provide their patients with coordinated care. All the providers who care for you will communicate with each other and partner with you when it comes to making decisions. Ideally, you will be at the center of the care process and your doctors will keep you well-informed about your care. They will also listen to you and honor your choices.

If your doctor is in an ACO you should have fewer repeated medical tests because your doctors and hospital will share information with each other. You should also be spending less time filling out medical history paperwork because you have an electronic medical record that they can all use.

When your doctor participates in an ACO, you reap the benefits. And when you need a Medicare agent in Vancouver WA, call Your Insurance Gal. We can explain all the fine points of Medicare to you.