Today, August 22, is National Tooth Fairy Day! The actual date of this holiday is disputed against February 28th but we chose to celebrate today. The origins of this day are also illusive. No sources seem to know why or when people decided to start celebrating the magical dental hygiene creature.

The tooth fairy herself seemed to emerge in the United States during the advertising boom of the 1920’s. Numerous ads used the image and idea of a fairy encouraging children to take care of their teeth. Images selling toothpaste, mouth wash, and floss used the fictional character to grab their audience’s attention. The concept of a fairy emerged out of ancient traditions that said children’s teeth had magical powers. The vikings valued them for the mystical help they were thought to give them in battle. Because of these beliefs, parents would pay children for their teeth as they fell out. This later evolved into a tooth mouse that came and traded coins for missing teeth, which in turn transformed into a fairy.


Most people celebrate this day with stories and now movies about the tooth fairy or finding fun ways to learn about dental health. We want to join in by reminding you about your dental insurance. If you don’t already have a dental policy, remember, you can enroll in one ANY TIME during the year. You don’t have to wait till open enrollment to protect your pearly whites. You can find more information about dental plans available to you in our “Get a Quote” tab on the website.

We are all her to help you take care of your smile. Happy Tooth Fairy Day!