Be it food, art, or even music, sometimes your local experts just do things better. With all the diverse talents and skill sets in Southwest Washington, one usually doesn’t have to look far to find quality professionals who know how to treat their clients like more than just a number. You look for local help when it comes to your home repairs, auto care, and legal advice, shouldn’t you be looking for local guidance for your insurance as well?

You’ve probably seen plenty of insurance advertisements over the past few weeks. This time of year, they’re practically impossible to ignore! Next time you come across an ad vying for your Medicare business, take a close look at the phone numbers listed. Do you know what state your call is going to ring in? Do you have a pretty good idea who is going to pick up on the other end? If you can’t answer those questions, you may want to think twice about calling. 

Although the big insurance companies you’ve been seeing ads for have excellent plans, enrolling through those 1-800 numbers may not be such a good move.  More often than not, these numbers ring to out-of-state call centers with representatives trained to field your call and enroll you in a plan as quickly as possible. While quick, using these call centers to enroll may land you on a Medicare plan that doesn’t effectively cover your healthcare team or medications. 

Using a local insurance broker is more than just supporting small businesses, it also helps ensure you’re getting unbiased, transparent guidance. When you’re looking for Medicare advice, be sure to look for someone who will look at your health needs, medications, and doctors when recommending a plan. Local brokers will take the time to sit with you, thoroughly explain your options, and check provider and medication directories to ensure all your needs are met. Best of all, using a local broker means forming an ongoing relationship so you always have someone to call when you need guidance.

You should also ask what companies a broker represents when you meet with them. Most independent brokers like Stacey Johnson and  the agents at Your Insurance Gal Agency contract with multiple companies and are able to help you compare your options without steering you towards a certain carrier. Because these agents are independently contracted, you can feel confident that their loyalty always lies with their clients rather than a corporate quota. 

If you’re familiar with the old TV show Cheers, you’ll likely recall the famous line “You wanna be where everybody knows your name.” If you want to be treated like more than just a number, you want local Medicare help. Unlike the national 1-800 numbers on the insurance ads, using a local broker ensures that you’re consulting with an agent that will take their time in getting to know you, your needs, and your care team in making a decision.


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