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It seems like every week a news story comes out about the latest efforts of the current administration to affect health care. The news media is quick to jump on executive orders in 15 second sound bites, but what do these headlines really mean to us, the people that have to buy the insurance coverage and the medical services?

Fortunately, the individuals and companies that are affected by these decisions do not have to struggle to find answers alone.

When you develop a relationship with a trusted insurance professional, you put the burden of researching and understanding the constant changes on them. In today’s rapidly changing health care coverage environment, it is our job to read between the headlines and gather the facts so that we can answer your questions about how these changes will affect you today and in the future.

While the media makes every announcement sound like an imminent game changing action, the truth is that change takes time and what you hear on the news today is probably not going to affect your immediate needs.

However, as a professional, it is your insurance agent’s job to know when changes will impact you and help you make educated choices.

Let us be your guide so you can spend your energy on the things you do best!