As far as your health insurance goes, aging into Medicare is an exciting step. All of those benefits you’ve been working for are finally showing up for you. As you go to make this life change it is important that you know what those benefits are. Such a large majority of people in that age bracket need a few very routine services. Ironically, some of these are the very services that Original Medicare doesn’t offer coverage on.  Dental, vision, hearing aids, and foot care are all very common needs for seniors. Yet if someone with part A and B coverage alone is seeking these services, they will have to pay out of pocket.

So what are the other options? This is why Part C (supplemental medicare) has been implemented. Something as simple as adding a Medicare Advantage Plan that might not even have an additional monthly premium could add some basic coverage for these health needs. Everyone should at least be getting check ups on their teeth, eyes, and hearing. These plans will offer coverage for routine exams and cleanings.

There are also some independent plans available specifically for these services . Maybe you are particularly struggling with your vision and keeping up with glasses or contacts. Having an independent vision plan could save you hundreds in getting those services covered. A broker will know what route will be most cost effective for you and offer you the best care possible.

Original Medicare also excludes coverage for alternative health care such as chiropractic and acupuncture. Supplemental Medicare doesn’t though! There are numerous benefits to regular chiropractic care or acupuncture. Having your part C in place will help you pay for those as well. Don’t limit the ways you can take care of yourself by sticking with limiting coverage! We are still within the bounds of open enrollment for Medicare so its not to late to set up your part C with an agent. Let us know what your health care needs are and what you need in a plan. A broker would love to help you get more coverage for 2017 to help fill those gaps for you.