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Employers all over the US have caught onto the trend for happier and healthier employees through Wellness Programs. Whether you are a business owner considering implementing something like this or an employee interested in reaping the benefits there are countless things to learn about these programs. Every aspect of the work environment effects American’s significantly. We spend about a third of all our time at work, often more. The people we are around and the ideals encouraged in these environments will inevitably shape our lives.

The most positive success in the programs so far is that they have not been standardized. Employees are realizing that health and wellness goes beyond individual health insurance plans. Endless possibilities of what a company can offer to improve the well being the people it’s success rests on have been crafted together in these programs. They come in as many shapes and sizes as there are companies. Some employers allow the business model to shape the wellness program and others allow the individuals shape it. Here are some exciting examples of the pieces that make them up:

  1. Stress Management: This should definitely be high on the priority list especially in fast paces or high stress work environments. Employees can be taught to manage their own stress and how to work together in their team to relieve the pressure for each other as well. This way companies can help their workers avoid burn out.
  2. Wellness Incentives: Many competitions or incentives for reaching goals build teamwork and wellness at the same time. Co-workers bond together to inspire and motivate each other toward their health goals.
  3. In-Office Diet Plans: For offices that offer food out of their facilities, this gives them a great advantage to directly provide wholesome and good food for the employees. It is common to consider employee dietary constrictions and listen to feedback.
  4. Collaboration: It is key that a variety of voices and minds speak into the structure of a wellness program. They are most successful when the people who will be benefiting from them are involved in the construction.

Additional help in constructing well being in the work place can still come from the groups insurance. The ground work is to pay attention to the benefits offered to employees and informing them about the plans the company offers. That is were we come in, as agents to help you build the best health plan for your company. This might be the perfect season for you to start looking into group insurance for your business.