Questions to ask a new doctor:

There are times when it becomes a necessity to find a new doctor. You may be moving to a new area, your current doctor may retire or move, or it may just be time for a change. Regardless of the reason, choosing a doctor is an important decision that you will want to consider carefully. Finding one who is a good fit for you might take some work, but you will be ultimately be glad you gave it some thought. After your first visit to a new physician, here are some questions to ask yourself to help you know if this is the right doctor for you. Vancouver WA health insurance

  • Did it feel like the doctor cared about you as a person, as well as your health care needs?
  • Did the doctor listen well and address your concerns?
  • Did the doctor talk to you in a way that made you feel comfortable, and was he/she easy to understand?
  • Was the doctor respectful of your culture, beliefs and opinions?
  • Did you feel comfortable asking questions to clarify information? Were you able to contact the doctor after your appointment if you needed to?

If the answers were “yes” to these questions, this is probably a doctor that will meet your needs. It could take more than one appointment with a doctor to determine if he or she is right for you. If you are still looking for a doctor, your insurance company may be able to help you find a doctor in your network. Get as specific as you can and let them know if there is a certain area, a gender, a particular language, or an area of expertise that you are looking for in a doctor.

When you have a trusting relationship with a good doctor, it can help you have a long and healthy life. For help finding Vancouver WA health insurance, contact us at Your Insurance Gal.